How a Sump Pump Helps to Protect Your Home

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Homes that rest on a basement need some support to funnel water away from the exterior structure. Rain, snow, ice, and other precipitation can cause flooding issues if there isn’t enough drainage available for the property.

Basement waterproofing helps protect the home’s integrity while offering more drainage options. When this space feels musty or damp, you might have wet wood or mold growth happening.

Concrete has tiny pinholes and cracks that can get bigger as time passes without an appropriate seal.

When you invest in a sump pump, you can prevent water from sitting. That keeps everything comfortable and dry while protecting your home’s integrity.

How Will a Sump Pump Help My Home?

When your home’s basement waterproofing measures and drainage systems need some extra help, a sump pump is an excellent addition to consider. You’ll find that it can provide the following benefits when installed by an experienced contractor.

1. More Protection for Walls and Floors

After a storm blows through, standing water in the basement can cause significant damage to the walls and floors.

A sump pump gets installed in a pit that sits below the ground level of the floor.

The pump starts sending water out of the basement before it even gets to the walls. Since the moisture doesn’t have time to sit, your floors will dry faster than they would without the investment.

2. Protects a Home’s Integrity

Most water damage to homes today comes from the ground that surrounds the structure’s foundation. It can be challenging to correct this issue, especially with the ground contracting and expanding throughout the winter months when it freezes and thaws.

When the soil starts thawing in the spring, it can cause cracks or buckles in the foundation. A sump pump moves water from your basement area to a pit further away from the structure, ensuring the soil near the supportive structure stays dry.

That’s a crucial outcome because mildew, fungi, and other growths occur in damp and dark areas. When a basement is prone to flooding problems, it creates the perfect spot for these problems to develop. Prolonged contact with them can even cause potential health risks.

A sump pump removes the moisture from the environment that encourages growth.

3. Immediate Protection

When sump pump installations were tied to a home’s power source, they’d often stop working when they were needed the most. Today’s products use an auxiliary resource that allows them to keep moving water even if the power goes out.

A strong storm can quickly leave standing water in an unprotected basement. Instead of bailing it out manually, a working sump pump can get rid of it quickly and permanently.

Once the product is installed, it can work to protect your home. There isn’t a waiting period like there can be for other basement waterproofing investments.

4. Prevent Electrical Fires

Flooding is one of the primary causes of electrical fires in homes today. As water contacts the surfaces inside the basement while rising, it gets into the walls and surrounds the structure’s electrical wiring.

Since these components and systems aren’t designed to contact water, they can short-circuit and start a fire. With several appliances in the basement, there are multiple chances for this issue to occur.

Installing a sump pump gives you more control over a flooding scenario. In return, you’ll have less risk of the wiring shorting out.

5. Prevent Efflorescence

When mold and mildew start forming on your foundation, you might see some sparkles on the inside walls of your basement. This efflorescence flourishes on untreated or unsealed surfaces made of concrete, stone, stucco, and brick.

The two main components of efflorescence are water and salt.

A sump pump won’t solve every basement waterproofing need when this issue exists, but it can help to remove any standing moisture. You’ll also want to consider a hydrophobic sealant, grout admixtures, and a water repellent exterior coating to correct these problems.

6. Improve Property Value

A sump pump adds value to Ontario properties because it delivers an extra level of protection against flooding and water damage. You’re improving the safety of the structure while reinforcing its reliability. All homeowners, current or future, appreciate a house that offers features that allow it to perform at its best throughout the year.

If your home doesn’t have a sump pump installed, our team can deliver the functionality, safety, and value you need for your property. We use affordable, high-quality products to ensure you receive a first-rate experience from start to finish.