Concrete Installation Services: How to Install New Concrete

Concrete installation

Concrete contractors in Toronto deliver high-quality foundations, patios, sidewalks, and more with this sturdy material. It is one of the world’s most popular building materials, with only water consumed more by humans.

Homes and businesses can invest in concrete installation opportunities for various needs. Today’s best contractors even provide decorative solutions!

If you’re looking for the best concrete sidewalk installers, patio creators, or foundation builders for your next project, here are the steps you can expect your contractor to follow.


Steps to Follow for Your Next Paving Project

Before beginning a paving project, an estimator must visit your property or location to ensure the conditions support the desired outcome. After evaluating the area, you’ll receive a detailed quote for the work.

Concrete installations work better when they are on well-drained and level soil. If the sub-base requires extra work, you’ll receive this information during the estimate process.

If you decide to accept the price, you can expect the following steps to occur.

1. It takes some time for the machinery to be prepped to do the concrete work. As the equipment is prepared, the crew reviews the gravel base to ensure it is ready to accept the paving work.

2. Concrete pours as a thick liquid, so the crew must put it into forms to keep its shape. The team will put these together based on the design or requirements outlined in the project agreement.

3. If you prepare the concrete at home, it often comes in bags filled with powder that you need to mix with water and other substances. When you hire a professional concrete contractor, the materials usually arrive at your property ready to pour. The forms get filled during this step once the concrete reaches an appropriate consistency.

4. Poured concrete isn’t level. Once the forms are filled, the screeding work begins. This task involves taking a flat board and other tools to smooth the surface of what was laid. The efforts in this step help with the flattening work.

5. The smoothing work for fresh concrete is an evolving process. It can set quickly, which means the effort to create an even surface is an ongoing effort with a deadline to manage.

6. Once the concrete is installed and smoothed, a curing agent gets applied to the surface. This step reduces water loss in the material over the next 30 days, resulting in a stronger installation and better visual aesthetics.

7. The concrete needs time to cure. Most installations require between seven to ten days before it becomes usable. Although the materials set rapidly, it remains weak material until it is fully cured. Everyone, including pets, should stay off the surface to prevent unwanted marks.

After the initial set is complete, the concrete forms are removable. That’s when the cleanup process begins! If you need help with your next project, be sure to contact our friendly representatives at your convenience. We’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed, no-obligation estimate to ensure you receive your desired results.