When Is the Best Time to Do Basement Waterproofing?

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Summer is the best time to waterproof the basement in your Toronto home. There tends to be enough of a break in the weather from early June to mid-September to finish the work.

Several factors can trigger leaks in the basement. That includes the environment that surrounds this part of your home’s stricture.

Any water, soil, or clay located around the basement places slow and steady pressure against the structure’s walls. If given enough time, you can experience cracking, sinking, and foundation issues. Whenever you see warped walls, damaged floors, or mildew, it is time to address your basement’s health.

Why Is Summer the Best Time to Waterproof Basements?

Basement waterproofing contractors recommend summer projects for foundation leak repair for several specific reasons.

1. Higher Seasonal Temperatures

The warmer weather that summer brings to Toronto helps the protective coating and sealants dry faster once applied. If your basement requires excavation, the summer months make it easier to shovel out the surrounding soil.

How hot does Toronto get in the summer? The temperature range is typically between 20°C to 35°C. The hottest month tends to be July.

If you need to get moving on a basement waterproofing project right away, the coldest weather tends to start at the beginning of December. It’s usually starting to warm up around mid-March.

2. Looser Soil Around the Home

Winters in Toronto can cause the ground to freeze. That frozen soil makes the repairs more expensive when working with a basement waterproofing company. If you need your foundation inspected, the summer or early fall are the best times to have that work finished.

Although it is harder to complete basement waterproofing work in the winter, it isn’t an impossible task. Most of the jobs tend to happen on the outside because digging into the frozen ground can be harder than concrete. A basement waterproofing company can get low enough to ensure your home gets the attention it needs with the right tools.

3. Humidity Evidence on Floors and Walls

When warmer temperatures come, humidity levels typically rise. If you’re unsure of where a foundation leak repair need exists, the added moisture during this season can help experienced professionals quickly locate the problem.

Some leaks are subtle. You’ll know where to address the issue when you can see moisture congregating in a single area.

Instead of circulating stuffy air that smells stale throughout your Toronto home, a waterproofed basement can handle the humid conditions so that you can breathe more easily.

4. Improved Foundation Access

Foundation leaks can happen for several reasons. There could be a crack in the walls, a wet basement from a water heater leak, or a sump pump replacement project to manage. Summer makes accessing a Toronto property more convenient.

If extensive work needs to occur for a fully waterproofed basement, the waste management cycles in Toronto are easier to access during the warmer months. That makes removing drywall, siding, or flooring that already received water damage easier.

5. The Water Table Falls

The local water table tends to fall in the summer months in Toronto neighbourhoods. Although groundwater isn’t something we always think about when you can just turn on a tap, it’s always there beneath the ground’s surface. That means it can impact your basement in numerous ways.

Summer provides a lower water table because plants need to absorb the moisture to survive. The disparity between the warmer and cooler months is called the Zone of Intermittent Saturation.

Is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

The basement is a vital component of the home. You can spot and stop potential problems with proper care and regular inspections before they cause significant damage.

Your number one enemy is water. Groundwater produces hydrostatic pressure that can build up outside the walls or under the floor. If you experience any dampness, it is imperative to take action as soon as possible.

Damp basements without waterproofing will produce mildew, mould, and other unwanted developments. If you’ve spotted these issues already, don’t delay! Take action now to get your home inspected and repaired.

If you see a white powdery substance in your basement, it means that salt particles have been forced out of the water as it travels into your Toronto home. Musty smells are evidence that a foundation leak repair is needed, even if no other signs or symptoms occur.

Contact your trusted basement waterproofing company today for an evaluation or estimate so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is fully protected.